Our app uses the gyroscope in the iPhone 4G
so you can work out how drunk you are!

When sober, hold the phone in one hand and take three simple tests:

Stand with your heels together, arms at your side, then raise one leg six inches off the ground while slowly counting to 30
Take nine heel-to-toe steps along a line. Turn, and take nine heel-to-toe steps back
Tilt your head back, close your eyes and guess when 30 seconds has passed

Take the same tests again when you've had a couple of drinks

Our Wobblometer (patent pending) compares how much you wobble when drunk
with how much you wobble when sober to work out how drunk you are.
Stops you calling, texting or emailing exes
Connect with Google Maps to keep you away from unhealthy food choices
Update your Facebook status
Compare your drunkenness with your friends
Foursquare integration
Win badges for degree of drunkenness
Built-in dictionary alerts you if your Tweets are abusive or slutty – before you send them!
Send a call for help, and your current location,
to your rescue buddy
(Obviously Not to be used for real emergencies!)

Voice analyser – determines how slurred your words are

MMS warnings – sending a picture when drunk? Sure that's a good idea? Sending it to the right person?

FaceTime skin meter measures your degree of nakedness when chatting on FaceTime
to avoid late night Chatroulette mistakes – some people record them you know!

It's a shame we have to say this but...

This is not a breathalyser. It will not tell you when you are too drunk to drive.
Obey the drink driving laws where you live. Do not drive on drink or drugs.

The DrunkOmeter is an idea from 23, we build web sites. Would you like us to build one for you?